100 things about me

1. I'm a believer in feminist principles.

2. One of the easiest ways to get me mad is to say someone is {a good pitcher; a bad driver; flaky; aggressive; etc.} because of their gender. Even if it's a compliment.

3. I have a half-brother who is 18 years younger.

4. I think this makes us, for all intents & purposes, only children.

5. I have a memory like a sieve.

6. On the other hand, some things come to me with astonishing clarity and completeness.

7. I can recall many embarrassing moments on cue; most of the other "perfect recollections" come unexpectedly.

8. If I'm trying to find something (e.g. a quote or an ad) in a book or magazine, I tend to remember where on the page it is.

9. I can't visualize things well. I read about a surgeon who would visualize his whole procedure before he did it, as a sort of practice run, and I was in awe.

10. I currently have one cat, whose name is Cleo. She’s a tortoiseshell.

11. Her littermate Max died while I was pregnant.

12. Cleo is the last known descendant of the first cat I remember well, which we got when I was 5 or 6 or 7.

13. We had cats before that, but all I remember of them is the time when we accidentally ran over one; it jumped and leaped around as it died.

14. I can personally confirm that chickens with their heads cut off do run around like... crazy people.

15. At least I think I can. I know we had chickens and I know we ate them. But I may be confusing them with the cat. (see 5 and 13).

16. I went to an Episcopalian school for 4 years. It was run by nuns. They were very nice, unlike those who taught the Blues Brothers.

17. The sisters had to wear full habits: skirts to the floor, wimples that left only from the chin to the eyebrows (not the forehead) visible, belts with the 3 knots (of chastity, poverty, & obedience, I think), etc.

18. They wore black in the winter and blue in the summer.

19. It was an exciting day when they changed back from blue to black: it meant it was winter and the girls could start wearing pants to school.

20. Girls were supposed to wear skirts; the pants-in-winter concession was for the students who had to wait for buses.

21. T-shirts with lettering, earrings that were too dangly, and jeans were among the forbidden clothes.

22. One year, our class took a trip to an amusement park; everyone was very excited because were allowed to wear jeans.

23. My parents had to take me shopping for them, and they were un-fashionably dark.

24. This was before the days of "acid wash," etc. Fading actually indicated wear.

25. I don't know of anyone who got in trouble for dress code violations.

26. My grade graduated with 20 people.

27. We were the largest grade in the school by probably 10 people.

28. I have dreams about places I went to school.

29. When I went to a high school reunion, it was very disconcerting because the nearby towns looked just like a lot of my dreams.

30. I went to a boarding school for 9-12 grades.

31. My class graduated about 400 people; only about 1/4 of us had been there all four years.

32. I'm addicted to TV; if it's on, I can't turn it off.

33. Unless only reality shows are on.

34. I didn't like children growing up.

35. I love my child with a love that is overwhelming and total and completely astonishing to me.

36. I love color.

37. Red or pink, purple & orange: great combination!

38. Unfortunately, the only objects that can really pull this of are flowers and houses in certain tropical countries.

39. Lime green and deep, warm purple is another good plant combination.

40. I like color names. It disappoints me that the best I can come up with is "deep, warm purple."

41. I love fabric

42. And yarn

43. And lace.

44. I love reading about fashion shows.

45. I am extremely unfashionable.

46. I only admitted my love of fashion recently.

47. I'm a country girl at heart. I grew up in an old farm-house in what used to be the middle of nowhere.

48. My mother has since moved back into the middle of nowhere; she had to go to a different state to do so.

49. My father loves to garden.

50. I'm not a big fan of the suburbs.

51. I live in the suburbs

52. I swore I'd never live in New York City

53. I lived there for over 3 years.

54. I hate Walmart.

55. I draw the line at Walmart. My husband loves to save, but I still won't let him shop at Walmart.

56. I'm not a big fan of Disney either, but that’s merely an annoyance at the omnipresence, not a deep loathing of the corporate structure.

57. I kept my name when I married.

58. I always remember the times when I "got too big for my britches," and never the times when my overconfidence was justified.

59. I love flowers.

60. Especially spring ones, like lilacs, violets, bluets and daffodils.

61. I can't make a decision

62. When I was little, I read a lot.

63. When I started a book, I had to finish it no matter how much I disliked it.

64. That's not the case anymore.

65. I have a hard time finding books I like. Feel free to recommend some to me!

66. I used to make dresses for my dolls.

67. I was pretty good. No one was going to buy them at a crafts fair, but I made the designs all up myself and hand-sewed most or all of them.

68. I love the "peacock" combination: purple, blue & green.

69. I live under the delusion that as long as I can imagine the worst, it won't happen.

70. My husband takes care of me.

71. I used to be able to cook, but he does it much faster.

72. I acquired severe germophobia while pregnant. It hasn't gone away yet.

73. My family had a dog when I was little. Apparently, the dog and I would share ice cubes and raw spaghetti. I would give the dog the ice cube, and he would crack it for me.

74. I can't imagine letting my child do that. However, the fact that I am not only alive but was never sick because of it is an excellent example of why my germophobia is absurd.

75. This does not help me get over the phobia.

76. I worked in the theater for several years. Backstage.

77. I love to sing. It saddens me that I don't hit notes as well as I used to.

78. I love crosswords.

79. I have never met a combination of blue and orange that I like.

80. I also don't like black and yellow.

81. I think I'm sensitive to gradations of color.

82. I like to name-drop.

83. I know this is annoying; I try to not do it.

84. At a camp I went to during the grade-school years, swimmers were divided by how well they could swim. The most advanced group was the “whales,” and you had to swim a mile to become a whale. I was in that group every year I was there.

85. Years later, this camp came to my college looking for counselors.

86. I went to a "smart kids" camp 3 or 4 years in middle-school and high school.

87. One of my friends in college worked as a counselor at that camp one summer.

88. I went to an instrumental camp for one year in high school.

89. I don't know of any connection that camp has with my college years.

90. I have a very good sense of direction.

91. This is not readily apparent in over-developed suburbs.

92. I'm very lazy.

93. My grades got steadily worse as I progressed through school/college because I never did a lot of work.

94. I came up with hundreds of these "things about me", but I never remember them long enough to write them down. (see # 5).

95. I can't remember names.

96. I can remember faces like a normal person, but I won’t remember a name for months longer than is socially acceptable.

97. I think spider webs are cool to look at.

98. I love fireflies.

99. The chunks of this list with internal “flow” make me happy.

100. I wish I could’ve made the whole list flow. On the other hand, sometimes it’s fun to be eclectic.