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I love the Lady Eleanor Stole, too. And I think that it HAS to be made with that varigated yarn (or noro). But boy oh boy is the original yarn expensive!

I also *think* I have yarn for Rogue. Well, I have yarn, but I'm not yet sure the yarn is going to be Rogue. Some day I will swatch it and find out! :-)


I liked reading your choices.

Midwest Moonlight is totally attainable. If I can do it, a chimp can, and you certainly can! Love Lady Eleanor. Will probably never make, but I love it. I promised to make Forbes Forest for the husband, but am in no hurry. I also want Backyard Leaves. Love Rogue, always have. I have a pattern for the Shoalwater Shawl, but no yarn for it yet.

I am waiting for yarn to make Ene's Scarf, if you're in the mood for a mini knit-along.


I'm third-ing the Lady Eleanor love. I forget which blog I just saw this on, but someone made it out of Noro (Kureyon, I think), and it turned out that each of the squares worked out to about 1 of the color repeats--cool effect.


I've got to chime in on the Lady Eleanor front, too. If the price were reasonable, I'd have knit it up a long time ago, but alas, the $300 price tag frightens me in an extreme way.

But do you know where the yarn shop that sells the yarn is? It's in Taos! Taos I tell you! Where I'll be in only 10 days! I've got to go there and just pet the yarn it's made out of.

My Color on Color scarf has been almost finished since February. I couldn't stand all that i-cord and it isn't something I see myself wearing. It was a great sampler - fair isle and intarsia - and I enjoyed knitting it and will finish it eventually. I'm just not sure when.

I want to make a second Backyard Leaves scarf for myself in a solid color. The first one was a gift and was knit with varigated yarn and the design was kind of lost.

I love Rogue and have been meaning to post pictures of the sweaters I've knit but clearly haven't gotten around to it, yet. And I swatched a lot for Eris this weekend.

Glad to see we have similar tastes in knitting!


I um, bought THREE sets of yarn for Rogue before settling on Peace Fleece. I'm sure the other yarn will make a beautiful sweater down the road, but dang. My rationalization for why the list of 'what i'm gonna make' is so long is b/c we need to rationalize why we buy yarn faster than we could ever possibly knit it... (shhh... it sounded good to me!)


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