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I saw those the other day, too. I think they're a new addition, so don't feel too badly about your observation skills. I didn't buy any, though, and now for the life of me I can't remember why not. Hmm...


You ARE Monkee!!! You can't fool me for long.
Does LNCCS's name start with an M or an H?


oh oh! i just started nona's gloves too!!! the fingers are sooo fun.


I've seen that set- so cool. Can't wait to see the gloves!


I want that set. I keep looking for it, but have not yet found it. I love the tiny needles too! I'm looking forward to seeing the gloves.


Whoa!! I've never seen this set. Exactly which LNCCS was that? All of my coupons are lined up and waiting for your answer. ;-)

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