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yowza! 000s? Dang. I think it depends on how dense you like your socks to be? I hear tell that the denser, the better (for wear).


Wow! Tiny needles! I like the color. It doesn't look that different from some of the thinner sock yarns. I don't think I use anything larger than a size 1 very often, and I like dense socks. I'm guessing your yarn is a little thinner than Trekking, then? (Oh - I owe you some yarn, if I can ever find your address.)


Without even studying the photo or having much experience with socks, I guessed that it was a small sock. Why? Because if it were a regular adult-sized sock you would have never asked us to guess what size it was! (and because I highly doubt that you would be making a gigantic sock unless you knew someone like Yao Ming)

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