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I've missed something. why did you have to abstain from these wonders of daily life?


Ah, yes. The trifecta of the good life... wine, soda, and chocolate. Hmmm.... might need to pick up a bottle of wine for our next knitting gathering... sneak it into Panera...


Hee hee hee!

I've been terrible about checking my Bloglines recently so I was absurdly excited to see myself here and it seemed the right place to put in a drive-by Hello. Now that there is internet access in the new Dutch (!!!!!) place, it should be less of a problem.

Blog related topic: While I've seen Dr. Pepper here, I don't remember seeing Diet Dr. Pepper. Not to mention there is only 'Coke Light', no Diet Coke, and it tastes ever so much different.

I hope things are going superbly well with you!!!

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